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The East Coast Baroque Dance Workshop
at Rutgers University

July 13-19, 2008
Tenth Anniversary Celebration

Co-Sponsored by Apollo's Banquet
Thomas Baird & Hugh Murphy, co-directors
The Department of Dance at Rutgers University

The Workshop Faculty
Thomas Baird, Paige Whitley-Bauguess, Hugh Murphy

Workshop Musicians
Hugh Murphy (keyboard), Makoto Ito

The Workshop Theme
Come celebrate our Tenth Anniversary by reconstructing and dancing some of the most famous French ballroom and theatre dances of the 18th century! Let's also take a look at the multi-cultural reach of dance notation in the 1700s. Thomas Baird, Paige Whitley-Bauguess, Hugh Murphy, and Makoto Ito will teach you the basics or help you brush up your technique!

  • Menuet d'Alcide (Ball Dance - Elementary Students)
  • Aimable Vainqueur (Ball Dance - French and Portuguese notation)
  • Sarabande of Issé (Theatre Dance - French and English notation)

A Day at the Workshop
A typical day at the East Coast Baroque Dance Workshop includes a warm-up class and two Baroque dance technique classes per day that include Feuillet notation reading. Additional classes may include country dance, dance music, castanet techhnique, etc. There is also time for individual practice sessions.

Participants are housed in air conditioned apartments that have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. Each bedroom has two beds,
so each apartment can house from two to four people.

Tom & Paige Leading Technique Class at 2001 Workshop

For Tuition and Housing Costs
Contact Thomas Baird